ONE WEEK Vegan Challenge

It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of your new journey. You have proven that it’s not impossible to become a vegan and to be a kinder person by being aware of the impact of your food choice. From now on, you can only make it better, carry on and pass it on to others.

Tips to Get Started!

  • You should make sure to make all the ingredients are available in the kitchen, so you won’t have any excuse.

  • Meal planning will help to make it happen.

  • Don’t stick too much to the recipes as they are just examples, get creative with the substitute ingredients that you have.

  • If you need more recipes to get inspired, you can go to the recipe section here.

The Benefits of Completing This Challenge:

  • Making a steady habit for 7 consecutive days is an important step to carry on.

  • You already discover a different type of whole grains that you did not have the chance to try it before.

  • You have the chance to discover a different kinds of legumes.

  • You will discover different ingredients that can be used to substitute meat, dairy, and eggs.

Day 2: Tuesday

Rebellicious - vegan rebel pupcake