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Discover the power of FRUITS!

rebellicious - strawberry


This delicious fresh fruit contains high levels of antioxidants and helps to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Perfect nutrition especially during the summertime!


Typical summer fruit that is considered to be a superfood because of its high level of antioxidants. Your skin will absolutely love it as an anti-aging source. It also has the potential to improve your brain function.


It’s probably one of the best berries you can consume because of its role as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Absolutely has the highest amount of antioxidants among other berries. Consuming blackberry can also improve your digestion.

Rebellicious - raspberry


Small but mighty! That’s what raspberry is for our body. Contains a high level of anti-oxidants which helps us to have more immunity. It’s potentially can lower your blood pressure and manage your cholesterol.

Rebellicious - banana


A fruit that every vegan who loves sweet must-have! Banana will keep your bones healthy and your muscles work better. It also has the potential to help prevent kidney stones.

Rebellicious - kiwi


Apart from tastes good, this fruit also does good for your body. Rich in anti-oxidants, It stimulates your immunity and promotes a good digestion system.

Rebellicious - watermelon


Who doesn’t love this juicy sweet and fresh fruit during the summer?! Consuming watermelon helps to soothe skin, protect your joints, and keep your eyes healthy. A must-have fruit if you love working out!

Rebellicious - orange


Famous for its vitamin C, orange boosts your immune system and protects your cells from damages. It helps your body to fight free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Rebellicious - apple


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apart from being rich in fiber, apple boosts your immunity, promotes your gut health, and improves your brain health.

Rebellicious - pineapple


Consuming pineapple will help you to boost your immunity and suppress inflammation. It also has the potential to ease arthritis symptoms.


I love mango! Apart from its delicious taste, it also helps to stabilize your digestive system and promote your heart health. So, it’s a MUST TRY fruit!

Rebellicious - papaya


This fruit is so rich in fiber and antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and boosts your immune system. Add a bit of lemon and cane sugar on top of it and I swear you will love it!


Your spring and summer won’t be complete without having apricots! It protects your skin and promotes better digestion. It also helps you to have healthy eye vision.

Rebellicious - avocado


My salad won’t feel complete without avocado! Avocados will strengthen your bones and promote a healthy blood sugar level. It is also good nutrition for your heart.

Rebellicious - plum


Plum is rich in anti-oxidants which also help you to get relief from constipation. Your heart will absolutely love it because it’s potentially can prevent high blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels.


I call them the red pearls! Apart from making your salad looking fresher, it’s also very nutritious. Being rich in anti-oxidants, it can reduce inflammation and the effects of aging. Your heart will love it as it’s potentially can reduce the risk of stroke and control diabetes.

Discover the power of VEGETABLES !

Rebellicious - broccoli


It’s considered to be super vegetables from the cruciferous family. It boosts your immune system and potentially can lower the risk of heart disease. It also has the power to prevent osteoarthritis and lower your blood sugar level.

Rebellicious - cauliflower


You can create anything from cauliflower, EVERYTHING, and i mean it! Apart from keeping you hydrated, cauliflower acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for your body.

Rebellicious - kale


Yes, the famous K.A.L.E! You shouldn’t miss it. It’s an important nutrition for eyes and bones health. It also boosts your immune system and helps brain development. It also has the potential to lower your cholesterol level.

Rebellicious - cavolo nero

Cavolo Nero

This is definitely one of my favorite Vegetables! It tastes good, smells so good, and does well to your body. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense food, loaded with powerful anti-oxidant. An excellent source of vitamin C which has also the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol level.


The most popular role of spinach is for its source of iron and prevent anemia, however, its role is more than that. It fights free radicals and boosts your immune system. It can also help to prevent osteoporosis and support cardiovascular health.

Rebellicious - carrots


One of the most popular vegetables and famous for its nutrient for your eyes! Apart from that, it can potentially manage your blood pressure and promote your heart health. It also boosts your immune system and can potentially control your diabetes.

Rebellicious - zucchini


This long green vegetable contains high fiber and is low in calories. It acts as an anti-oxidants and helps to improve eyes health.

Rebellicious - eggplant


This dark purple color describes how many anti-oxidants it contains. It also has a high concentration of potassium and fiber. It also has the potential to treat diabetes.

Rebellicious - bell peppers

Bell Pepper

You can choose so many different colors of bell peppers, aren’t they so “inviting”?! Bell pepper is good for your heart and potentially can low your blood pressure. It also helps to improve your digestion system.

Rebellicious - potato


NO, potato is not just for french fries or mashed potatoes! However, it is a good source of fiber and it promotes digestive health.

Rebellicious - sweet potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is definitely healthier and more recommended than the common potato. It’s more nutritious as anti-inflammatory and helps eyes health. It can also potentially lower the risk of heart disease and control diabetes.

Rebellicious - pumpkin


Not only for Halloween night, but pumpkin is also rich in nutrients! Apart from boosting your immunity, it also promotes weight loss and sharp vision, it helps to make your skin looks younger.

Rebellicious - red cabbage

Red Cabbage

The deep red color means it’s rich in anti-oxidants. A good source of dietary fiber and good for digestive health. Potentially can promote bones health and heart health.


Enjoy the good smell and freshness of this vegetable and get the benefits of it. It improves the respiratory system, fights disease, and boosts libido. It even helps to heal your wounds and relieve menstrual cramps.

Rebellicious - sprouts


Sprouts are so rich in nutrients. It improves digestive and heart health. It can also potentially lower your blood sugar level.

Rebellicious - green beans

Green Bean

Green beans have tons of benefits for your body, apart from improving your heart health and protecting your gut health, it promotes a healthy pregnancy and may help anemia.

Rebellicious - onion


Onion is loaded with antioxidants and is containing cancer-fighting compounds. It helps control blood sugar and improve heart health. It also boosts bone density.


Leek promotes healthy eyes, strong bones, and weight management. It is rich in anti-oxidants and potentially can reduce cancer risk.


This long small vegetable enhances the taste of your food! It contains high fiber and keeps the cholesterol down. Potentially can reduce the risk of heart disease and helps to fight cancer.

Rebellicious - tomatoes


So many types and many shapes and rich in nutrients! Tomato is good for your eyes and it boosts your immune system. It may help prevent strokes and improve lung health.

Rebellicious - savoy cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

This tasty cabbage helps your body to fight free radicals. It promotes a healthy brain and heart also potentially helps to treat diabetes.

Discover the power of WHOLE GRAINS !

Rebellicious - brown rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich in fiber and good to have a better weight control. It can reduce the risk of diabetes and potentially can improve heart health.

Rebellicious - red rice

Red Rice

With its particular “al dente” texture, red rice is higher in protein and fiber compared to common white rice. It’s rich in antioxidants and it helps to decrease inflammation. It can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Rebellicious - black rice

Black Rice

I call them the “gothic rice”. Black rice has the highest concentration of antioxidants. It has high potent anticancer properties and may fight heart disease.


Quinoa is a complete protein, high in fiber and rich in anti-oxidants. It has complete nutrients for your body. It can potentially lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Rebellicious - bulgur


This brown-ish cereal is high in fiber and low in fat, so it helps digestion and gut health. A cereal to choose to get a healthier blood sugar level.


These big long brown cereals can improve digestive health. It can help in weight management and reduce blood sugar levels.

Rebellicious - barley


Barley has a very similar shape to Spelt. It has a high amount of fiber which can help lower cholesterol and potentially can prevent heart disease.

Rebellicious - buckwheat


Buckwheat is one of the best options for those with celiac disease. It promotes better digestion and can reduce inflammation.

Rebellicious - durum wheat


Durum is rich in anti-oxidants and iron. It boosts B complex vitamins, improves the digestive system and heart health.

Rebellicious - corn


Corn is rich in anti-oxidants. It promotes better gut health and can prevent diverticulitis. Potentially can protect your intestines and lower the risk of diabetes.

Rebellicious - millet


Millet is important nutrition for healthy skin and organ function. It’s an excellent source of anti-oxidants. It can help to control blood sugar and improve the digestive system.

Rebellicious - amaranth


Amaranth is naturally gluten-free, high in protein, and rich in anti-oxidants. It helps to ease inflammation and lower cholesterol level.

Rebellicious - kamut


Kamut protects your body against free radicals and boosts your immune system. It also maintains tissue strength and supports hormone balance. It can potentially lower your cholesterol level.

Rebellicious - oat


Oat is incredibly nutritious for your body, it’s rich in antioxidants and high in fiber which can help to relieve constipation. It improves blood sugar control and potentially can lower cholesterol level.

Rebellicious - rye


Rye is a good source of B vitamins. It can help to reduce inflammation and potentially can improve your heart health.

Discover the power of LEGUMES !

Rebellicious - peas

Green Peas

I can put peas (almost) in any dish. They are healthy, they give color to the dish and they taste good! Peas can improve eyes health and the digestive system. They also boost the immune and act as anti-inflammatory agents.

Rebellicious - black bean

Black Beans

You can create almost anything with black beans,  you can make either sweet or savory dishes! They are good for your body because they can improve eyes health and regulate blood sugar. They potentially can promote heart health and can act as anti-cancer agents.

Cannelini Beans

These white beans are high level source of protein with high level of fiber. They may promote healthy body weight as well.

Rebellicious - chickpeas


Chickpeas are so nutritious which are rich in protein and fiber. They promote stronger bones and help to control blood sugar levels. They potentially can also lower the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of cancer.



Lentils are probably my favorites legumes. They taste good, are easy to cook, and have tons of health benefits. They can improve heart health and lower blood pressure. They also help to improve the digestion system.


I used to eat them as healthy snacks. These big green peas are rich in proteins. They may lower cholesterol and manage blood sugar levels. They also help to promote bone loss.

Kidney Beans

These brown beans commonly used in burritos contain high fiber which can help you to manage your weight. They may also improve your heart health and control your blood sugar level.

Rebellicious - fava beans

Fava Beans

My favorite thing to do with fava beans is making fava beans cream and mixed it with sauteed spinach! Fava beans contain immune-boosting nutrients. They can promote bone health and may also help the Parkinson disease symptoms

Rebellicious - soy bean

Soy Beans

Soy is considered to be an important protein source for vegans. Soy has zero cholesterol which promotes a healthy heart. It also has the potential to protect against breast and prostate cancer. Soy also has a high level of fiber, iron, and potassium.

Discover the power of SPICES !

Rebellicious - black pepper


Among all peppers, my favorite one is black pepper for its strong taste and character. Apart from enhancing the flavor of your food, pepper is high in anti-oxidant and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Rebellicious - curry


How i love the curry fragrance in the house while I am cooking with curry! Apart from nice taste and smell, curry can help to improve digestive health and heart health. It can also potentially control the blood sugar level. So don’t be sorry to use curry!

Rebellicious - turmeric


This spice with such a wonderful color gives your body tons of health benefits. It’s so rich in antioxidants and it’s acting as a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric is also useful to improve your digestion system.

Garam Masala

With its particular fragrance, this spice will give a warm and strong taste which will be perfect during wintertime. These mixed spices will optimize metabolism and boost immunity. It also can help the digestion process and alleviate pain.

Rebellicious - corriander


Not only fresh coriander, but the coriander spice also gives you some health benefits as well. It helps you to fight infection and optimizes digestive health. It can also potentially promote heart and brain health.


This red spice gives you not just nice color but potentially can help to relieve pain and can act as a UV protection agent.

Cayene Pepper

Its red and spicy spice has many health benefits for your body. It boosts metabolism and promotes digestive health. Potentially can reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer.

Rebellicious - chili


I love chillis because it gives more character to the flavor. But apart from that, it can potentially reduce the duration of sickness and promote weight loss.

Rebellicious - garlic


I am a fan of (cooked) garlic! It enhances the flavor yet has tons of benefits for your body. Garlic can reduce cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure. Potentially it helps to improve heart health and may reduce prostate cancer risk.


I love using shallots as the “softer” version of the onion because it’s sweeter. Shallot acts as an anti-oxidant agent which improves circulation and body metabolism. It potentially can lower your cholesterol level and improve heart health.

Rebellicious - cinnamon


I adore the smell of cinnamon. The cinnamon stick gives such a wonderful fragrance either for savory and sweet recipes. It may help to improve your digestion system and lower your blood sugar level.

Rebellicious - ginger


I use fresh ginger almost in every recipe I make! It has so many benefits for your body. It has a high level of antioxidants that fight germs. It helps to soothe sore muscles and calms nausea. It may lower the cholesterol level and potentially can curb cancer growth.

Rebellicious - galangal


This is a popular spice in Asian dishes. There are many advantages you can get from galangal, it’s an anti-inflammatory agent which can also help to relieve asthma. It also potentially can lower cholesterol levels and may prevent heart disease or cardiovascular problems.

Rebellicious - clove


This black tiny spice reminds me of my childhood when my grandma made us typical Javanese sweet soup. Clove has a high level of antioxidants and it helps to reduce inflammation. It can also potentially reduce ulcers and improve liver function.

Rebellicious - anise


This brown star shape spice helps digestion and can reduce pain and bloating.


Candlenut is one of the main spices in Indonesian dishes. It’s not a stand-alone spice, so it’s important to combine it with other spices. Candlenut improves the digestive system and helps to relieve the fungal infections. It also promotes healthier joints and stronger bones.

Rebellicious - nutmeg


Nutmeg and potatoes are the perfect combos for me! Apart from enhancing the flavor and giving a nice fragrance, nutmeg is good for dental health, is improving mood, and is helping you get better sleep.

Rebellicious - aromatic ginger

Aromatic Ginger

We call it kencur in Indonesian and the smell is even nicer than ginger. Indonesians use it to enhance flavor or to make a traditional herbal tea called Jamu. This spice is rich in antioxidants that fight bacteria. It can also reduce pain and inflammation. Potentially it can also lower blood pressure.

Rebellicious - cumin


Cumin is mostly used in Indian or Mexican dishes to give more character. The benefits of using cumin are that it has anti-bacterial effects and helps to control either cholesterol and diabetes.

Discover the power of HERBS !

Rebellicious - parsley


These herbs are essential for my dishes as they give freshness and enormous health benefits. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin K and A and is a powerful natural diuretic. It’s also rich in iron and good for your bone and eye health. Potentially can reduce bloating and blood pressure.

Rebellicious - corriander leave


Coriander leaves are very similar to parsley but they have a stronger fragrance. Usually, they used to garnish the dish. They are an anti-inflammatory agents and are full of anti-oxidants. Potentially can help to promote heart health and reduce blood sugar levels.


Basil is an essential herb to make your dish smells nice and look fresh! It’s rich in vitamins and minerals that also help to reduce oxidative stress.


Sage is a particular herb, some might love it and some might hate the smell. However, sage is rich in vitamin K, minerals, zinc, and copper. It acts as an anti-oxidants and may help oral health. It can also potentially ease menopause symptoms. So, sage haters, you might want to start to like it considering its health benefits!

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are so common in Indonesian dishes. Apart from enhancing the flavor, they also help the digestion system and promote brain health. It may also be good to consume for those who have diabetes.

Rebellicious - curry leave

Curry Leaves

Apart from curry as spices, you can also use the leaves. Curry leaves support immune health and potentially can help to treat some chronic diseases.


Rosemary is a must-have plant in my garden. It’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Rosemary can improve the digestion system and enhance memory and concentration. PS: Rosemary and baked potatoes are the best combos!

Rebellicious - chives


These thin long herbs are nice either for garnishing or mixing them together while you are cooking. Chives potentially can improve memory and prevent osteoporosis.

Rebellicious - Thyme


I love thyme especially mixing it with the legumes. Thyme boosts immunity and is a natural disinfectant. You can also use them as a natural cough remedy. It may also lower blood pressure.

Rebellicious - Origano


Who doesn’t love the smell of this herb! Perfect almost for every dish and yet it has tons of benefits for our body. It fights cholesterol and acts as an anti-inflammatory also and anti-bacterial agent. Consuming oregano is also good for your intestines.

Rebellicious - dill


I don’t know why but dill always reminds me of Greece! It’s so fresh and full of health benefits. It’s a source of iron, calcium, vitamin A, and C. It may reduce the cholesterol level yet improve heart health.


Fresh lemongrass in my dish is priceless! I usually chop them inside my fried rice to give that wonderful fragrance! Lemongrass is rich in anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. It may help for e-Colli infection and typical anti-fungal.

Discover the power of SEEDS !


Flaxseeds are considered to be superfoods because of their dense nutrients. It’s best consumed in a ground form where you can put it in any dish as a topping. Flax seeds can reduce inflammation and potentially can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Rebellicious -chia seed

Chia Seeds

These little black seeds which are looking like sands are so nutritious for your body. They have a high level of anti-oxidants also high in fiber and protein. They may also reduce chronic inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease. They are good to be consumed for those who want to lose weight.

Rebellicious - pumpkin seed

Pumpkin Seeds

They are those nutritious flat green seeds coming from the delicious pumpkin. These seeds contain a high level of essential vitamins. They act as an anti-inflammatory agents which also promotes a healthy heart function.

Rebellicious - sunflower seed

Sunflower Seeds

These grey-ish seeds are nice for salad topping or for seeds crackers. Sunflower seeds improve your immune system and boost your energy level. They can also reduce inflammation and potentially can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Sesame Seeds

Toasted sesame seeds are the best way to have them. These seeds potentially can fight infection and promote oral health. They may also lower the cholesterol level and help to manage diabetes.

Rebellicious - hemp seed

Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are so nutritious and an excellent source of plant-based protein. They can potentially improve heart health and lower cholesterol level.

Discover the power of Meat SUBSTITUTES !

Rebellicious - tofu


You can find tofu in many forms; natural, smoked, firm, silken BUT they are made of soybeans. And my favorite is still the natural firm tofu so I can work it out the way I want. Consuming tofu may lower cholesterol levels and fight osteoporosis. It potentially can also prevent some chronic diseases as well.


My favorite dish like EVER! Reminds me of my childhood and my Indonesian root. Tempeh is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. It promotes bone health, improves your heart health and insulin resistance.

Rebellicious - Seitan


Seitan is probably the most popular meat substitute for vegans. Seitan is a rich source of protein and a good source of minerals and iron.

Soy Flakes

Soy proteins which appear in many different forms can help to improve heart health. Soy is also high in fiber which is good for the gastrointestinal system. Soy foods are high in vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, zinc, and iron.

MUST Haves in Vegan Cooking

Rebellicious - nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast

These yellow-looking flakes are usually a good source of vitamin B12 for vegans. They maintain blood sugar and cholesterol level. They also have good immune system support and fight fatigue. Commonly used as the substitution of grated cheese or to give a kind of “cheese” taste in your dish.


Dates are essential if you like healthy sweets and you want to avoid sugar. They are so nutritious as they are high in fiber and anti-oxidant, an excellent natural sweetener. They may also promote brain health.

Rebellicious - agave syrup

Agave Syrup

For natural sweeteners, agave syrup is my go-to. I prefer this to the maple syrup because of its consistency and it’s less sweet than the maple syrup.

Whole Cane Sugar

I tend to avoid sugar, but if I have to, the whole cane sugar is my choice as in some way it’s still healthier than the common refined sugar.

Rebellicious - rice cooker

Rice Cooker

As an Indonesian, having a rice cooker is a must! It will make your life easier especially to cook your favorite whole grains in a perfect way! Another benefit is that you can also use it as a steamer.

Do you have any question? Ask me anything, I will be glad to help!