ONE WEEKEND Vegan Challenge

Well done! Now you overtake more than 24 hours without making your stomach become a cemetery for dead animals. Time to do another upgrade, so buckle up!

Tips to Get Started!

  • Invite friends to join your weekend challenge. Have fun and spread your kindness to others and make them try a new experience.

  • Don’t rush to finish the challenge and go to the next one, take your time.

  • If you don’t find any recipes that you like, go to see the next challenge to get inspired with more recipes

The Benefits of Completing This Challenge:

  • At this point, you already tried at least 10 new vegan recipes which means you are consuming fewer animal foods.

  • You will find out that you can make high-protein tortillas with lentils.

  • You will discover a healthier and more delicious way of cooking eggplant.

  • You will be surprised that you can make “rice” out of cauliflower.

  • You will realize that soy yogurt tastes better and is healthier than common yogurt.