ONE DAY Vegan Challenge

Congratulations! You get to the second challenge now and by doing this challenge, it means you will have 3 vegan meals in 24 hours, not bad huh?! So, let’s dig inside this challenge.

Tips to Get Started!

  • New day new recipes. You will find more recipes to get you inspired as an addition to the first challenge.

  • Choose the less hectic day so you will also have time to prepare what you need in your kitchen and prepare it. Like Saturday or Sunday could be a good day to try.

The Benefits of Completing This Challenge:

  • 24 hours without consuming animal foods means you save one animal’s life, and you will do good for our environment.

  • You will get to know tofu and the simplest way to prepare it.

  • You will get to know turmeric and curry also get the health benefits of these wonderful spices.

  • You will discover red rice which is the healthier alternative to white rice, rich in fiber and proteins.

  • You can share your Pupcake as breakfast with your furry friends, sharing is caring.