Best Selections of MUST-WATCH Movies

Some of these movies are really tough to watch but we must be brave to see the reality of the way we treat animals, the impact on our environment, our economy, and the most important thing, on our health.

Rebellicious - Dominion

Undercover filming that covers a range of industries and cuts open the dark underbelly of these practices revealing the horror, pain, and suffering of the animals involved.

The Game Changers

A revolutionary documentary that is debunking the myth that we need meat for protein and animal foods to achieve the best athletic performance.

Rebellicious - Seaspiracy

A whistleblower documentary that shows the truth about commercial fishing and the environmental impact of this practice.


A movie that draws parallels between speciesism, racism, or sexism. It shows us on how we treat the animals as an object according to the purpose that we decide in life.

what the health

If you are curious about how animal products impact our health, then this is the movie you should watch!

Rebellicious - Vegan 2020 Plant Based News

Must watch series for those who are interested especially in vegan advocacy or vegan business trends.

Rebellicious - Forks Over Knives

It shows us that even the most degenerative diseases can be controlled and avoided by eating a plant-based diet.

Rebellicious - Eating You ALive

This movie explains the link between American dietary habits of consuming animal products and the rise of chronic disease.


A rocking and an inspirational documentary on animal welfare and its environmental impact.