September 30, 2021

Vegan Algarve


Getting to taste the best vegan restaurants in Algarve is the perk that we discover during our long-overdue holiday in the south of Portugal. We kept postponing it in the last 3 years and finally, we made it this September.

At the very beginning we were a bit skeptical about finding vegan food in Algarve, however when we were doing the research (yes, research and planning are A MUST DO rituals for us before all our trips) we were so surprised and thrilled that there are so many different options to get vegan food around Algarve.

We spent four days in Algarve, and we visited cities and beaches around Albufeira, Alvor, Lagos, Sagres, Aljezur, and Faro. In each place, we could find easily vegan food and they are all so delicious!


Raizes Cozinha Saudavel & Vegetariana

Guys, I warn you that this is a MUST VISIT place if you are in Faro (located in Quarteira, a bit outside Faro). The place is super nice, the outside part is giving you that tropical vibes, and the inside is looking cozy. I vote this place to be one of and it deserves to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Algarve.

Must try plate: The vegan cheese platter

Rebellicious - Raizes conzinha saudavel & vegetariano cheese platter

For cheese lovers, you can’t miss this plate! And even if you don’t like cheese, this plate will change your mind. You will get at least six different kinds of vegan cheese, from the spreadable one to the aged kind of cheese. The plate is accompanied by different local bread, a wonderful olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some tasty olives.

PS: The portion is huge so it can be shared with others, a perfect dish to start your lunch or dinner.

Outro Lado

If you are looking to taste the typical Portuguese cuisine in a vegan version then this is the place to be. This restaurant is located near the city center and the city port and I will say this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Algarve.

Must try plate: Francesinha

Rebellicious - outro lado

I really voted 5 stars for their Francesinha! It’s so similar to the original recipe, the taste, the look, the sauce, and the sunny “egg” on top is just WOW! So delicious and tasty. The only difference is that this plate is a cruelty-free one 😊 because this francesinha is made with tofu and seitan instead of meat or fish.

PS: Apart from being so delicious, this plate will also fill you up (or at least for me, the portion is a big one).


Alfarroba Café

The right term for Alfarroba is “small but mighty” because although it’s a small cafe, it has all you need as a vegan place. They are 100% vegan and organic in everything they serve (including the wines) and they are committed to making whole food plant-based dish which means food that is minimally processed. A perfect place for “hardcore vegan” and “health freak”.

Must try plate: Tempeh Wrap

Rebellicious - alfarroba

The tempeh wrap is a perfect dish for quick and healthy lunch. Made with whole tortillas, soy and walnut tempeh plus their homemade mayo make this plate irresistible.

Apart from this, we also order the plate of the day which was chickpeas and pumpkin with whole rice and salad.

Not to forget we also get to try their 100% biological – organic vegan wine called Monte Cascas. The satisfaction level is 10 out of 10!


This cute restaurant is not 100% vegan but it’s a vegan-friendly one. They have some mouthwatering vegan tapas if you fancy getting some light bites in the old town area. What we ordered was kind of those simple dishes and we didn’t expect so much from them, but those simple dishes were so delicious and we were very satisfied.

The key secret of these wonderful and appetizing tapas is the raw materials because Olympique only uses organic ingredients for all their dishes.

Must try plates:

Broccoli tempura

I swear that they are not just common broccoli tempura. It’s crispy outside but tasty and tender inside. The broccoli doesn’t lose its taste and it doesn’t give you that heavy feeling of a fried dish. An ideal dish to “open the dance”.

Sauteed mushroom

Folks, I really don’t know what’s the secret of the mushroom sauce, but it’s so juicy and delicious. I bet you really don’t want to miss this one.

PS: This restaurant also has a rooftop garden, although we were unlucky as it was all fully booked that night for the rooftop table.



Lusitania is a Mediterranean and organic vegan-friendly restaurant. Although their menu is not 100% vegan, you will find wonderful vegan options of appetizers and main dishes.

Located in the old town area of Alvor, you will spot this pretty place quite easily because it looks like a garden restaurant with real garden decor inside and outside.

Must try plates:

Chefs marinated tofu with orange and almond sauce

Rebellicious - Lusitania

Forget about the plain tofu taste! The marinated tofu and the sauce make a perfect blend, it’s flavory and fresh. It’s served with quinoa and pesto which creates such a perfect combination. A special dish that no one should miss.

Homemade seitan steak with miso and wild mushrooms

Rebellicious - Lusitania menu

I am a bit skeptical talking about seitan but Lusitania has changed my mind! Their homemade seitan has such a wonderful texture and it’s tasty. The mix between miso and wild mushroom are leveling up the “seitan game”. So I can say that this is a mandatory dish to try at this restaurant.


Estudio Vegetariano

It’s located in the heart of Lagos and it has a lot of dishes to offer. We wanted to try all of their menus and we ended up ordering so much that we didn’t have more space to try their sweets ☹. The portions are so “generous” that most plates tend to fill you up and apart from that I can put them as one of the best vegan restaurants in Algarve.

Must try plates:

Falafel served with Caponata, hummus and dill veganaise

Rebellicious - estudio vegetariano falafel

I never thought that caponata will make a good combo with falafel until I tried this dish. The tasty caponata makes the falafel even more pleasant to taste. And as it’s quite rich, you can also share this plate.

Celery-steaks in a crunchy crust with mushroom-cream sauce and mashed potatoes

Rebellicious - Estudio vegetariano

Ok, making steak out of celery is a new thing for me. But they make it work so well, the steak has perfect batter and crunchiness pus the mushroom sauce boost the flavor of the steak. It also comes with a good portion of mashed potatoes.


Mo Veggie

Aljezur is a tiny place on the west coast of the Algarve. Apart from those wonderful beaches along the beautiful coast, Aljezur also has Mo Veggie as a treasure!

Mo Veggie is a real gem in this little town. It’s a 100% vegan restaurant with such a unique and eclectic decoration inside. They use all the recycled materials for all their furniture and they create such a cool and pretty place.

Talking about food, they have super awesome dishes that you must not miss. And I can say that this place is one of the best vegan restaurants in Algarve.

Must try plates:

Vegan Lasagna

Rebellicious - Mo veggie

Although lasagna is not really my favorite Italian dish the Mo Veggie lasagna has conquered my stomach. It’s made of tofu as the fillings and vegan cheese on top. I loved it because it didn’t give that “heavy” feeling after eating a lasagna. Delicious taste, wonderful plate.


Rebellicious - Mo veggie feijoada

A typical Portuguese / Brazilian dish made of red beans. They serve this dish with plain quinoa and soybean sprouts on top. I enjoyed this dish because it’s rich and tasty. A perfect dish for those who are starving.

It’s time to go home now …

Now you know that apart from the wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking nature along the coast from east to west, Algarve also has a lot to offer for vegans who love to travel. And I can say that it’s a vegan-friendly area, which means you don’t need to eat french fries and green salad every day during your holiday. You will also get the chance to taste the typical Portuguese cuisine in a vegan version.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to book your flight and put Algarve as your next destination? Or if you are not vegan yet but considering going vegan but you don’t know where to start, you can check this simple vegan guide.

Do you have any question? Ask me anything, I will be glad to help!